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As an independent French start-up, INFINERGIES helps its engineers work and develop their skills in many industries. Since our creation, we strive to build the best possible team, and would love you to join us! We are looking for optimistic and visionary people, who are not afraid to think outside the box. We offer great career opportunities, since this is the beginning of our adventure.


Opened positions

Do you want to know why you will never be able to charge your mobile phone in 1 minute? Which hybrid vehicles are the best? How a CT-scan works?  Come find out these answers and more with INFINERGIES, where power electronics are not just a set of equations, and are part of an industrial, economical, and social context.

You have a master's degree with a strong interest in power conversion? Surrounded by INFINERGIES' experts, you will level up and learn the mysteries of power electronics, using a balance of theory (simulations, calculations) and practice (working on actual electronic circuit boards), in our friendly atmosphere and with the flexibility only found in start-ups.

During your internship in INFINERGIES, you will:

  • Design an innovative power converter for a real-life application, using simulations, calculations, and all the tools you've learnt so far
  • Test and validate your design
  • Participate to the CAD (Computer Assisted Design)
  • Write design justification documents
  • Take part in company events

We are looking for a person with a passion for technical work, eager to learn, and unafraid of practical work, someone autonomous, flexible, and who can adapt to new situations and environments.

Location :
Cergy, France

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