For the 2019 edition of the "salon de l'entrepreneur", the city council of Cergy-Pontoise selected a couple of local companies, displayed their profile on their stand, and published it in their press briefing. INFINERGIES is one of the selected companies, and Julien and Adrien were interviewed for this occasion. They talked with a journalist about their story, their motivation, their vision of the company.

For their annual conference, Starlabs asked the companies hosted in their incubator to create a movie-like trailer to be shown during the ceremony. INFINERGIES chose to make a fun and entertaining video, with many references to pop culture, rather than a conventional boring advert. The video was voted best video in the science-fiction category.

After they were granted a loan by Réseau Entreprendre, the non-profit organisation asked them to tell their story, talk about their activity, and explain how Réseau Entreprendre's mentoring program helps them. They explain how the organisation's support system allows them to develop their business thanks to the advice of their experienced CEO mentor.

The non-profit organisation AVEC helped INFINERGIES set up their HR processes : hiring practices, company codes of conduct, GPRD, etc. At the end of the coaching program, the organisation interviewed Adrien, who explained how and to what extent the program helped INFINERGIES.