Other services

Aside from our power converter design activity, we offer other high value-added services, such as:

  • Pre-project risk analysis and mitigation
  • RFI/RFQ support: pre-design, specification analysis in order to highlight hard design issues and risks
  • Support for power converter EMC design and EMC testing: magnetics selection, ground architecture, switching frequencies, topologies, layout, etc. according to DO-160, ABD100 and MIL-STD-461, EN 55022 for instance
  • Semiconductor characterisation and support in components selection based on the topology and technico-economic constraints: IGBT, thyristor, MOSFET, diodes, BJT, new technologies (SiC & GaN), conduction and switching losses, cosmic radiations
  • Passive components characterisation: AC losses in magnetics (core losses, skin effect, proximity effect), parasitic components and electrical model elaboration
  • Custom current and voltage sensor design
  • Benchmarking of competitor’s hardware
  • Design, implementation and testing of windings: magnetic material selection (ferrite, amorphous, nanocrystalline, iron powder…), conductor selection (single wire, litz wire, flat wire, ribbon…)
  • In general, any collaboration on demands from your customers that are not part of your development strategy
  • Tooling: test benches, back-to-back inverters, custom “hardware in the loop” systems, dedicated “software in the loop” systems, etc.
  • Pre-design on topologies or new requirements
  • R&D strategy consulting: improvement on existing products by integrating new technologies, system optimisation, development planning, development cost reduction
  • Support for production costs and recurring costs in bill of material
  • Fully equipped test lab rental, in order to study new technologies such as SiC and GaN semiconductors, whireless power converters, etc.
  • Training regarding most power electronics related topics, from EMC to thermal management, including analog and digital control of power converters