Our added value

INFINERGIES differs from other design office with its experienced team, its price/performance ratio, and its unrivalled value added.

Innovation. Thanks to its creative team trained on state-of-the-art techniques, INFINERGIES can design products using the newest technologies. Whether you need new topologies or conversion methods, such as whireless energy transfer, or new technologies such as wide-bandgap semiconductors (SiC & GaN), INFINERGIES helps you implementing innovating projects.

Performances. With its experience from numerous industrial fields, INFINERGIES’ team uses the best practices from different sectors to design high performance products. Whether you need to optimise efficiency, size, cost, reliability, EMC, or integration of digital technologies, INFINERGIES develops products with performances optimised for your needs.

Safety. When optimising a product’s efficiency, it is essential not to sacrifice safety. Our design process includes a rigorous analysis of the failure modes, and includes all the protections required to guaranty security, safety and reliability of our converters. Their implementation may be software, hardware or a smart combination of both if redundancy is required, or simply to ensure design margins, depending on which solution is the most relevant.

Tailored and turnkey. A new development is always a risky endeavour. Exploring new topologies, or designing innovative products is not easy. This is why INFINERGIES offers à la carte services, tailored to your company : whether you required turnkey developments or a theoretical analysis, a fully autonomously designed or a co-designed product, we will adapt to your needs.

Cost. Thanks to its very low overhead, INFINERGIES is able to offer developments are lower costs than its competitors. Moreover, its design methodologies combining experience, theoretical calculations, simulations, tests and know-how, our products have just the targeted design margins, thus reducing their cost. Finally, due to its experience of digital technologies, INFINERGIES can use microcontrollers in your products, in order to add new features and/or reduce the cost of existing features by reducing the number of components.

Ethics. Customer relationships are human relationships, and this relationship is at least as important as a binding contract. We strive towards answering the human needs of our interlocutors, in order to build long term relationships based on confidence. This is why we do our best to emphasise communication, transparency, honesty, flexibility, responsibility and teamwork.