Our ethics

INFINERGIES is born from the entrepreneurial spirit of its founders, but also their will to create a company that is a lot like them, that would put into practice their creativity and their values. There is still room for improvement, but we do our best to implement these values in our daily work.

No project can succeed without sufficient communication between all the parties involved. We believe that open and sincere communication is the key to a successful project, whether we are sharing our successes or our difficulties, or for clarifications. This is why we are committed to calling our clients to keep them informed or ask questions, and we are at their disposal to answer all of their questions.

Communication is only useful if it is complete and honest. This is why we are committed to transparency, straightforwardness and honesty regarding our client’s projects, the company, and any relevant information. In our eyes, this is the only way to create a long lasting relationship based on trust with our clients.

Although we offer full transparency to our customers regarding their project and the company, we also guarantee absolute confidentiality with regards to other customers. We are committed not to disclose any information related to our customers, including the work we do for them, without their explicite authorisation.

One of the advantages of working with a small company is to benefit from their flexibility and reactivity. No heavy procedures, administrative delays or useless complications, we do everything we can to offer our customers simple, efficient and high quality service. We adapt to your tools and procedures, to create the best possible product, at the best possible price.

No one person has all the skills and knowledge required for a whole project. INFINERGIE’s team has complementary skills and experiences that create synergies and maximises its added value. Moreover, whoever your interlocutors are, you can be sure the whole team contributes their skill to your project.

INFINERGIES recognises its responsibility towards its environment. It includes a social responsibility towards its employees, towards the the state and local authorities, and towards the public in general, as well as an environmental responsibility. INFINERGIES is committed to offer its employees the best working conditions possible, to apply its creativity towards bettering society, and to minimise its environmental impact.