Our story

Julien and Adrien, founders of INFINERGIES, met at SUPELEC school of engineering. During their specialisation in power conversion, they discovered a shared passion for technical courses, and both decided to make a career out of it. After 10 years in the industry, their passion remains intact, and their experience allowed them to acquire strong technical skills. They also developed a vision of what companies should be, and their role with regards to their employees and society in general. They decided to create INFINERGIES in their image, in order to combine their skills, creativity, and ethics.

Key events:

  • August 2017: creation of INFINERGIES
  • October 2017: INFINERGIES joins the Starlabs Neuvitec95 incubator (Neuville-sur-Oise, France)
  • April 2018: we buy a fully equipped test bench
  • October 2018: first hire : Oumar THIAM, power electronics engineer
  • November 2018: we move to a larger office
  • January 2019: second hire : France LEBRUN, office manager
  • December 2019: planned move to Starlabs La Turbine incubator (Cergy, France)